Chicken burrito

Quantities are relative since everyone likes different quantities of the products.

For the chicken:


Chicken breasts


Black pepper

Spicy red pepper powder (if you don’t like spicy food, you can substitute it with sweet red pepper powder)

For the rice:



Black pepper


For the tomato salsa:

Finely chopped onion


Can of red beans


Black pepper


Garlic powder

Diced avocado

Lettuce leaves

Tortilla bread

Aluminium foil

Dice the chicken and cook it in a frying pan with the salt, black pepper and spicy red pepper powder. When cooked, chop it into small pieces.

Cook the rice with some salt, black pepper and when ready add some butter.

Dice┬áthe tomatoes, but leave the juicy part aside, so that it doesn’t become too liqiudy. In a pan add some oil and the chopped garlic and stir until it becomes gold-brown in colour. Then add the tomatoes. Stir for 1 minute and add the drained red beans from the can. Stir for another minute and add the salt, black pepper, basil and garlic powder. Take it off the heat.

Dice some avocado.

Prepare some lettuce leaves by washing them nicely.

Take a piece of aluminium foil and place a tortilla bread over it. Add a lettuce leave, after that some rice, chicken, tomato salsa and avocado. Wrap the tortilla with the aluminium foil as shown on the picture.